Its Ok to not be a "Hustler"

Before I wanted to be known as a hustler. A person that will get it by any means. A guy that knows how to get it in a drought. Being a hustler was a great thing to be, especially where I’m from. ( Harlem, NY and Wilmington, De) 

To hustle means to always be on the go, always were the money at. But then it dawned on me. Hustlers always have to work, always have to hustle because they never have a place of permanency. A place called home, a niche.

When you’re a hustler, you’re a jack of all trades. You can go anywhere and do anything. That’s a good thing, but it’s also tiring too. You can hustle anywhere if it gets bad where you’re at, but once again that means I can up and just leave to go where it’s plentiful at. I’ll rather have a niche. Rather than call something a hustle, I want something that’s a job. That’s a career. 

I don’t want to hustle for my jobs now. I want to be at a pace for myself. I want to gain the knowledge and respect for quality in my career. When a person hustles, they are always working and on the go. So if things don’t go good, you will always leave? Hustling implies you jump from hustle to hustle, whatever is selling at the moment. Whatever is trendy. You ever known a person that jumps to all the latest trends??!!! I bet you they are broke right??!!! I’m just saying.

I’m done doing all of that, I’m 31 and today I want to work at a place that allows me to grow and walk the ladder for promotion. The more you hustle the more you move off the dollar. And yes money moves my family but it’s not the engine to my family and values. It’s always hustle, hustle, hustle , hustle then a break. Then back to hustling again because I don’t have the stability. I’m done with hustling and making moves, I'm with making the right move that allows me to work. 

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