Took a JoyRide in MurdaTown, USA

I had the opportunity to travel to Delaware to attend a Black designer Brand fashion show. The streetwear fashion brand clothing line is called Joyride Denim, I would later on find out I was real cool with his family, ( me and his brother is cool folks and his mom used to keep me out of trouble). 

The whole set up was dope for real, the event was held in Brandywine Park in Wilmington. I was hyped just by the aura that was presented, live DJ by DJ Tythefuture, which is also a DELAWARE native and some fireworks that kept scaring my girl. 

I wore my new Blexcellence Travel and leisure theme hoody, real comfortable and soft cotton that stretches. The color was a forest green, killing it, and I paired it with some Amazon sneakers I paid $20.00 and you wouldn't even know it, I get so many compliments on them.

Back to the show, the modes were immaculate and fuckin it up with the cat walks and the model faces. Events like this is why people should take Black clothing brands seriously because he took a lot of preparing for this.

That summed up my weekend, I flew Frontier Airlines and it was my first time, I can actually say that it went smooth. A couple of times I had to check to see if we was really in the air, and I would do it again, but never Spirit Airlines. Fuck that!!







7xx God painting his Buy my art before I die on quadie diesel suitjust landed at BWI Airport at the Baltimore Harbor wearing my Cream Blexcellence sweatsuitforest green wanderlust club Blexcellence streetwear sweatsuit at the BWI Airport

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